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Boatman: Christian Grutas
Brgy. Basiao Padre Burgos, Quezon
4303 Philippines



Where to camp? You can actually camp at all three beaches. We recommend camping at Borawan since its the nearest one from Padre Burgos. You can also camp at Dampalitan. Overnight camping is also possible in Lukang, but the boatman are going to charge you more if you’ll ask them to pick you up there the following morning because it’s the farthest beach from Padre Burgos. Where to swim? Swim at Lukang Beach. Its beach is most suitable for swimming among the three. Borawan is also suitable for swimming but the water can get murky at crowded areas. Swim early in the morning when the tide’s high and the water is much clearer.In each beach, there are limited areas protected by netting to keep tourists safe from jellyfish and sea urchin. It’s definitely cheaper to bring your own tent and cook your own food.It can get crowded during peak season and summer weekends. It’s best to visit the beaches during weekdays or off season. Lukang Beach is mostly visited because of its beach. Most tourists swim there before heading to Borawan and Dampalitan. Dampalitan is the least crowded among the three.

“How To Visit Borawan Island?.”